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Dee Ryan
After Wild Divine Studios Began


I was nervous about not having a guaranteed income each week, as, like just about everyone, I have a mortgage and bills to pay, and had five kids still all living at home at that point, four of them boys in their teens or older, so you can only imagine the food bill!!!


But then...


After realizing if I didn't take this leap of faith, I would always wonder what the outcome would have been. Would I still be working for other people?, yet really just wanting to paint. 


Actually, I was concerned though, that my passion would lose it's shine when it was about earning money.  Without a doubt though, I knew I had to try this and see where this led me.


My aim is to offer wall art that was not the budget K-mart/discount store mass produced prints and not original paintings that cost thousands of dollars, which made them financially out of reach for most.


So, I made the decision to create engaging and original art, for amazingly classy and stylish people, to enable them to decorate the best-loved homes, office spaces and businesses in today's modern world.

Ecstasy Bright Modern Flowers Painting 7
Dee Ryan Art Stall


It turns out... the road was more difficult than I imagined. So started out selling at markets every weekend, but with paintings on stretched canvas, the weather was ALWAYS an issue!


A tiny bit of a breeze and one painting would move and connect with another, and rip the canvas.  If there was rain, my work could be ruined, timber frames would get wet and warp.


Too hot, and my art would sweat if I had it in clear plastic to protect it in the outdoors.  I was really starting to think this business was just not going to work for me.


In this whole time, I was losing more money than I ever made!  Not to mention the heartbreak of having my paintings that I had created with love, ruined.


I was not going to give up though... as people were actually stopping to talk to me about my art and buying.  And, they were referring family and friends, telling them to check out my stall, as they could get affordable, real and unique paintings!

I, Dee Ryan, would spend all week painting, photographing my work, and ordering prints. Then would pray to the market weather Gods, and spend the weekend at markets.

Meanwhile, one market day... at Kiama, on the NSW South Coast, the weather seemed eerily perfect.  I was enjoying relaxing in my chair, sipping on a latte, chatting to customers and other stallholders, and thinking that this market life was not too bad at all.

Until...  I kid you not, a "mini cyclone" came through within a matter of two minutes.  Yep, it was reported on the news that night as a "freak mini cyclone".

Almost every painting on display was destroyed in those two minutes.  Market shelter was ripped out of the ground and trashed.

My little Moodle dog who was keeping my company that day was blown halfway across the park when the chair his lead was tied to took off in the wind! (He was OK, by the way, just wasn't keen to go near a market again. I can't say I blame him).

Debra (Dee) Ryan


So, I decided then and there that things had to change. I would take my business online, keep my paintings safe, and pack them and delivery by courier Australia wide, and, as it turned out, often Worldwide as well.


Then I had my first website designed, and released a collection of new art that I had worked on after losing many at that memorable market day.


The response has been pure love and support from my beautiful clients.  I appreciate and am grateful to those who purchase my paintings, made from the heart, and give them a new home.


I, Dee Ryan, will always offer one of a kind, original and unique paintings, and some limited edition prints. Surely, I will always keep my prices as affordable as I possibly can.


My aim is to put a smile on the faces of the people who enjoy my artwork, and want them to be able to return to me for more pieces when they change styles, décor, colours, or just want some uplifting wall art.


A Clients Story

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